The Manasota SCORE website has a new look, and a new location.  You may want to update bookmarks.

New site; old site

Click here for the New Site

Our new web site is tightly integrated with the new SCORE National website.  Navigation and features will be similar for all SCORE local chapteres.  Workshops and mentoring requests must be made on the new site.  All updates and improvements will occur on our new site.  We may have some growing pains and learning curve, please bear with us as we make the transistion.
Click here for the Old Site

Our old web site will remain accessible for a limited time only.  No further updates or changes are planned, but we will keep the content active for a while.  Note that signing up for workshops and mentoring requests must be done on the new site.  For our local chapter members, the Members Only section will be available via a link from the new site.